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Rrd Italian Brand for Kitesurfing     F-one Franch brand for Kitesurfing At Naish we firmly believe that no matter what sport you choose, no matter how good you are or where you happen live, that every day on the water is a good day. It may be difficult to describe in words, but the cumulative experiences and stoke that come from your time on the water is priceless, especially when you’re riding a Naish.  Italian Brand  that makes watersports accessories wetsuits, technical apparel, harnesses, clothingCrazyFly Company has undergone tremendous changes. The kites keep driving CrazyFly forward as a brand, and our market share has grown by leaps and bounds. The past few years have been very exciting and kept us extremely busy. Our hard work has paid off with products you love, and thanks to you we have hit all of our yearly goals.KITES  FOR EVERY RIDER AND FOR EVERY RIDING STYLE We have the widest range of kites, packed with innovation and built to last. Each one has been tested and developed with the best riders in the world.                                                        2015: Into the future  While contineuing to strive for the best, creating ever better kites and experiences we felt it was time to revitalize the Peter Lynn brand logo.  Shape and technology is our DNA and you can be assured that shape and technology is the base of every single product. Best fit, superior comfort combined with the newest technologies and made out of high quality materials by the best skilled professionals available.  Pure focus on wetsuits, harnesses and accessories. We constantly work with our entire team on just these product groups with an intense focus and the desire to make the best out of it. Our complete design team spends hours on the water as well and every comment from our Pro team riders is evaluated by our design team themselves. Whatever we do and regardless of fashion trends, our designs should be the best possible product we can build at that time.   Find out more about:  Wetsuit tech  Harness tech  Boom tech  Boot shape  Size chartLa missione di Slingshot Sports è quello di farti divertire mentre pratichi il tuo sport preferito il kitesurf .Infatti il team Slingshot è sempre in acqua a testare tutti i materiali kite surf per garantirti i migliori prodotti dal 1999,infotti  Slingshot Sport è stato un pioniere del settore; non abbiamo mai evitato di  sognare in grande, pensare radicalmente e rischiare di creare nuovi concetti innovativi, molti dei quali sono diventati  icone nel  settore del kitesurfer da anni.  .Slingshot è fortunato ad avere un gruppo super talenti e cioè Rider i, ingegneri, artisti e artigiani che prendere sul serio e si  godono  a fondo il loro lavoroù

Nel mese di Marzo 2017   abbiamo introdotto un nuovo marchio nel nostro negozio di attrezzature di Kitesurf on line Kitesurfbuy. Questa decisione è nata perché ci siamo decisi di inserire nel nostro catalogo le  migliori attrezzatura disponibili delkitesurfing . Infatti , i kite  core sono progettati in Germania e non made in China ,questo garantisce  alta qualità del prodotto che essi producono . Solo 3  tipi di kite e 2 cicli di produzione  all'anno. La formazione di base è molto semplice con solo 3 Kite  disponibili e  un tipo di barra .La core kitebording ha creato tre tipi di Acquiloni  2 i freestyle  e Wave (XR4-GTS) e un kite tuttofare (FREE).   OUR PASSION FOR INNOVATION The Airush Kiteboarding Collection fuses our passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. As always, our focus remains on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining our demand for the highest level of craftsmanship.